Würth Snider


As part of the Würth Group, one of the largest distributors of fasteners and assembly components in the world, and as part of Würth Industry of North America (WINA) and the Würth Industrial Network (WINWORK), Würth Snider Bolt & Screw is in a unique position to offer our customers an extensive range of products and services delivered under the service brand CPS®.

Our goal is clear: Offering the best inventory management solution for you through CPS®!

We offer our customers a wide range of C parts with more than 420,000 line items available. Our product range consists of small parts and assembly materials for industrial, production, and MRO needs, personal protection equipment and technical/chemical products. Combining this extensive product range with our world-class logistics supply concepts, our engineering support, and our quality management systems and labs, makes us the most competent C-parts supplier in the industry. With an extensive network of locations in more than 80 countries, Würth Snider Bolt & Screw serves both domestic as well as multi-national customers.

In October 1975, Snider Bolt & Screw opened its doors in Louisville, Kentucky with just 4 employees and over 40 years of fastener experience. Over the next 20 years, Snider Bolt & Screw realized considerable growth by building trust with local customers through exceptional customer service and product knowledge. In 1996, The Würth Group acquired Snider Bolt & Screw allowing them to quickly expand their product and service offerings. The current headquarters of Würth Snider Bolt & Screw is located in the Jeffersontown area of Louisville. We are ISO 9001 certified and have engineering support staff to drive product and process efficiencies with our customers. Now with 6 locations and 137,000 square feet of warehouse space, Würth Snider Bolt & Screw serves customers throughout Kentucky, Tennessee, Mississippi, Southern Illinois, Southern Indiana and Louisiana.

Our success is continually demonstrated by our original customers who are still buying from us four decades later. Würth Snider Bolt & Screw was founded on principles of integrity and flexibility and continue with that tradition today. We consider our customers as partners and are proud to offer a level of dedication and support found only in a company that is truly passionate about the customers we serve.